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Friday, September 4, 2020

Ekam Kasoti Marks All District Wise Status

Ekam Kasoti Marks All District Wise Status

Gujarati and Maths July 2020 Ekam Kasoti July Month Status.

Important link

Check Gujarati Entry Status Report

Check Maths Entry Status Report

The first unit test was held on 29th and 30th of July. Unit test of Gujarati subject was taken on 29th and mathematics subject on 30th. Instructions were given by the state government to make the marks of this test online. In some districts, unit test was to be done on an experimental basis and the marks were to be entered.

Children write home unit test and submit it to school. The returned unit tests are then viewed by the teachers. The progress report of how many schools have entered the unit test is given here.
The subject wise of every school in every district can be seen here. What is the standard wise number of students of which school and how many of these children have been enrolled. And what is the percentage of entry. This can be seen from the status report.

Check your school report and if there is any subject left to be scanned or entered online, keep it completed immediately. This entry has to be completed by the 8th of September.

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